To install RocketCop you'll need to download the installer here.

Creating a profile


Above: Profile list overview

The first thing you're gonna need to do to setup RocketCop will be to create a profile.

Your profiles will be used to checkout on your tasks so make sure that all of the informations are correct.

You can easily duplicate a profile by clicking on the duplicate button in the Actions row.

RocketCop can manage an infinite amount of profiles and a profile can be assigned to one or multiple tasks.

Creating a Captcha Harvester

To be able to solve captchas you will need to create at least one captcha harvester, to do so please refer to this section

Creating a task


Above: Task list overview

A task describe the action of trying to checkout a specific item on a given website.

RocketCop provides you with numerous options to configure your tasks for your needs.

To create a new task:

Task Configuration


Product-url specific options

Keywords specific options

Products that matches a negative keyword will be ignored.

Example of keywords to match a Box Logo Hoodie but not a "Script Hooded Hoodie":

Advanced task configuration


RocketCop gives you the ability to configure advanced options for your tasks.

Browser mode specific options

Proxy Strategies

Starting a task

Once your tasks are configured you should see them listed in the tasks page.

You can manually start a task by clicking on the Run button or by selecting one or multiple tasks and clicking Start selected.

Once your task is started, the Status column of the task should update and the stop button should appear.

You can stop a task during its execution by simply clicking on the Stop button.

Handling captchas

RocketCop allows you to create captcha harvesters, a small program allowing you to manually generate captcha responses that will later be used by your tasks.

When a task encounters a captcha there are 2 possibilities: A Captcha response has already been harvested and hasn't been used by any task. No captcha responses are available.

If no captcha responses are available for use, the task will wait until you provide a valid captcha response.

The simplest way to handle captchas is to use a Captcha Harvester before running your tasks.

Creating and managing Captcha Harvesters


RocketCop allows you to create multiple captcha harvesters. Each harvester will be assigned a different session, meaning that you can connect a different Google Profile for each harvester.

After creating a new captcha harvester, you will need to connect it to a Google Account to enable one-click captchas.

To do so, just click the Youtube icon in your captcha harvester.

To open a captcha harvester to start solving captchas, just click the open button next to the YouTube button, you should see that status of your harvester as Online.

This will open a captcha queue similar to the one on the screenshot.

When a task needs a captcha, the Captcha Queue will automatically prompt you to solve a captcha. If the task's site is Supreme, the Captcha Queue will try to automatically solve the captcha using Invisible ReCaptcha, if not, you will have to manually click the captcha to solve it.

Easy Captchas

You can increase the chance of getting 1 click Captchas by logging into YouTube or Gmail.

To do so, click the Youtube icon in your captcha harvesters, log into YouTube, let a video play in the background for a couple minutes then close the window.

Using proxies

You can add proxies by going into the Proxy page and clicking Add +.

Once your proxies are added you can test them by selecting them and clicking Test Selected.

The format for proxies is ip:port or ip:port:username:password.


RocketCop tasks logs informations throughout the whole process, you can view the logs by going into the Logs page.

Order monitoring

When a RocketCop task completes, the Supreme order number is retrieved and monitored to get the status of the order.

You can view the status of your orders by going into the Orders page.

Disclaimer An entry in the Order page doesnt mean the order went through, it only means that your order has been submitted but not necessarily accepted by Supreme.


If you encounter any issue or have a suggestion, feel free to contact us through the Feedback form on your bot or by sending us an email at