Setting up RocketCop for Supreme FW18


On 08/20/18 Supreme will reopen the online shop for the first drop of FW18.

There is always a risk that Supreme's website will be different than the previous season. Even if this risk is small it can happen so please be indulgent if RocketCop fail during the first drop.

Rest assured that we will put all our efforts in solving every issues that could happen during the first drop.

Making sure tasks are ready to run

If you haven't done it already, please see Testing RocketCop's installation to make sure you're ready to run tasks.

Madonna Tee


Supreme®/mophie® iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Juice Pack Air


Classic Script Hooded Sweatshirt


Liquid Tee



To increase the chance of having automatic or 1 click captchas you must login to YouTube a few hours before the drop and watch some videos through the bot.

To do so, click on the Youtube button and a window similar to the one below should appear:


Login to YouTube from this window then let some videos play for a while and when you are done, close the window.

IMPORTANT - Before running your tasks make sure to have the captcha queue open and be ready to solve captchas if needed.


Proxies can be useful if you wanna buy the same item multiple times or if your main IP is banned by Supreme.

To add your proxies in RocketCop please refer to the Using proxies section in Getting Started.

Make sure your proxies are working by:

Buying multiple of the same item

To buy the same item multiple times you will need to:

If you try to buy the same item multiple times with the same billing infos your order will get canceled.

If you don't have multiple billing addresses available you can use some jigs so that your addresses appears differently like so:

100 Rogers Ave can become 100 Rogers Avenue, apt 20.

Using optimal settings

Your tasks's settings needs to be optimized so that your tasks won't be detected as bots by Supreme.

RocketCop's default task's settings are already optimized but you might want to tweak them a bit depending on your needs.

Settings for HIGHLY hyped items (Madonna tee, Box Logos, North Face, collabs)

Hyped items usually sell out under 6 seconds that means RocketCop must use it's fastest settings available:

To increase your chances you can also run a task with Browser mode checkout mode in parallel since it has less chances of being detected by Supreme.