Making sure RocketCop is working correctly

In order to make sure RocketCop is correctly setup we are going to setup a test profile with some test tasks.

Creating a test profile

Go into profiles and create a profile with the informations below.


Setting up a test task

Now, go into tasks and setup a task with the informations below.


Your tasks list should now look like this:


Running the test task

Go into your tasks list and click the Run button of the test task.

If your task started correctly it should be displayed with a blue background like so:


If your task isn't starting, try to restart the bot or try reinstalling it.

If the above didn't solve the issue, try running the task again then go into Logs, click Export, choose a filename, save the file then send it to us at or by DM on Discord so we can try to determine the cause of the issue.

You can also send us additional logs located at %appdata%\RocketCop\logs\.

Making sure your Captcha Harvester is ready

To make sure the Captcha Harvester is ready to harvest captchas, click on the Open button on one of your captcha harvester.

A window similar to the one below should appear:


The spinning icon means that the harvester is waiting for captcha requests from tasks.

When a task needs a Captcha it will automatically prompt you to solve it on this window.

Make sure this window is running and visible BEFORE running your tasks.

Testing Proxies

In order to make sure your proxies are working correctly with the tasks, add your proxies in the Proxies page (see Using Proxies) then setup a test task.

In the Advanced settings of the task's edit page, enable Use Proxy and choose Automatic Proxy Assign like so:


You should now see your tasks with proxies assigned to them like so:


Once it's done, run your test tasks and make sure they're running correctly.

You can also go into the Logs page to check for any issues.